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SANKRANTI 2018 Expenditure

You can find the expenditure in the link provided for Sankranti 2018. For More details Click Here


Welcomes You to the World of Jammulapalem, more and more exciting games are waiting for you on Jan 14 - 16 2018.

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Schedule Of Events - (2018)

Games are part of Sankranti from past 15 years, we decided to continue this event on every year during sankranti. Come and play more games and explore your talent. Entertain your self for 3 days continuosly. Look at the schedule.

Sankranti Gallery - 2017

Excitement! , Enthusiasm!, Happieness! these were seen in everybody in the year 2017. We remember some of the pics lised here.

Sankranthi Team

Sankranti Committee have great & strong team to conduct various events during the 3 days program. Without this team its not easier to held the events. Have a look at the advisory committee members. List out The Team


Greenary is the main sourse of Income in Jammulapalem.


Tobacco grown here is very famous all over the world. And this is the major crop grown here. To know more hit on the pic.


Next to tobacco, this is the major crop grown here. Many people gets work in this crop. To know more give a hit on the pic.


Mangos are most famous which are grown in and around Jammulapalem. This crop yeild in the months of March - May. To know more click on the pic.


Sapota is the main crop after mango. This have good taste. To know more hit on the pic.


This is the 4th largest crop planted here, many fields are filled with Mirchi during august. To know more hit on the pic.

Jamail & Subabul

Used in making papers. These palnts takes a period of 2 years to grow big size. Gives huge money.


To give more entertainment to the pupils of JMP, there by we celebrate vast festivals. Anyway it is for the sake of Gods and Goddess mostly for JMP. NOt for an individual!


Lights get on whenever you are more happy and this is the biggest festival of all comes in January of every year, we all celebrate in a different manner by conducting various culturals and sports continuosly for three days. Finally on the last day(i.e, KANUMA Day) evening to Mid-Night distribute precious gifts to all the participants. For more click Here

Ganesh Chatrudasi

Excitement! this what in this festival we all gets during these days. And we all ways been blessed by Lord Ganesha. This comes in september of every year, we celebrates it for a period of 9 days. And here is some more >>>>>.

Maha Sivarathri

The lord for all who have all the powers in his hand is Lord Siva. On his birthday, without forgeting we all celebrates for period of 21 days in Sivalingalu which is 2nd biggest in the INDIA(1st is MahaNamdi). And to see more give a click here >>>>>

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